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The Lupine Lady March 19, 2010

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One of my friends from WSU and Hazen is studying French and Arabic
in Morrocco for the semester. She is keeping a blog for the WSU blog squad as well. Here is the link:


I skimmed over her blog this afternoon and the very first entry caught my eye:

“The other day I read a children’s book that my grandmother used to read to me when I was little. It is called “Ms. Rumphius” but I always thought that it was called “The Lupine Lady”. It is funny how you remember things differently when you are a kid. It is a great book you should read it if you haven’t. In the book, a grandfather tells his granddaughter that she must do three things travel to far away places, live by the sea and do something to make the world more beautiful.”

Coincidentally my grandmother used to read me the exact same book. It was always a favorite of mine; right up there with “Rainbow Fish”. The beautiful story is complimented with soft, pretty illustrations that seemed to match perfectly with my grandma’s voice. In the end the granddaughter grows up and accomplishes all three things of course. For the latter, she makes the world more beautiful by planting lupines all over the sea coast she lives on.

I have so many great childhood memories spent at my grandparent’s home. The smell of the freshly cut wood in the basement, making my first batches of cookies, runnign through the woods in the backyard, eating a pound of pasta with butter and parmesan (I would eat an entire package as a kid…god I love tortellini), looking out the windows into the tree tops of the evergreens and of course, being as nosy as I am, sneaking into the old bedrooms to look through pictures, letters and antiques in the armoires.

I’m so fortunate to have had such a great childhood. To all my family members who read this blog, thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Now I just have one more exam left ( a fake French job interview) and then I’m going to go downtown with my friend Renee to get drinks on the blvd of Pyrenees as we wait for our 11:30 train to pull into the station just below the blvd. Have a good weekend!