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Culture Shock January 14, 2010

I haven’t encountered anything here in France to really make me feel “culture shock”…..but they do have some strange habits.

Mainly for me to look back and marvel at how wierd people can be I’ve decided to make an ongoing list of all the “different” things they do. Not that different is wrong of course… but a lot of it seems to be….

~ The French do not pick up their dog’s poop (so keep a sharp eye when wearing new boots!)

~The French eat omelettes for dinner, not breakfast

~From talking to Kim and others I’ve concluded that many people here love trinkets and filling their houses with them.

~ The French pride themselves on their conservation with dishes. After eating a juicy steak for example, your dessert will be plopped on top of whatever is left on the plate and you will eat it with the same utensils. What doesn’t make sense to me is that they will not drink out of a bottle or can, the liquid must be poured into a cup.

~ The French are very protective of their houses

~The University students love their graffitti. They see it as freedom of expression and don’t like it to be washed off. To me, its just as ugly as it is in the USA.

I know I have more…but cannot recall them at this moment


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