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Ma vie En France

Paris July 8, 2010

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I went to soooo many places in Paris with USAC. I’m just going to do a quick presentation of my favorites. Above is Vanessa and I on top of the Eiffel and below is a view from the top.



Napoleon’s Tomb:



Musee Du Rodin:



I am of the opinion “Le Penseur/the thinker” is overrated. He has other statues that are even more amazing. Such as the door to hell:


DSC03688  DSC03687


The Louvre:



DSC03732 DSC03733

The code of Hammurabi was my favorite sight (above right). Too bad you can’t make out the writing well in this shot- it was so tiny!



DSC03745 DSC03746


Vanessa turned our sunset boat ride into a booze cruise…. = PDSC03751 DSC03776 DSC03784



Notre Dame in Spring:

DSC03409 DSC03410 DSC03411



That made me miss Sarah.



The oldest bookstore in Paris. Owned and operated by various Francophones:



And What may have been my all-time favorite (competes with Catacombs); the Opera House!




Had to insert an album for that one. I took so many pictures of it. I fell in love with that place, even went back at night for a French Ballet. Getting my tickets is an interesting story alone.


It is also the opera house that inspired Phantom of the Opera. Note the awesome chandelier. Apparently, there are underground tunnels and an underground river in it as well. Vachement interesting!



Anyway, that’s it for photos. I have one more blog to publish and I am done! Thanks for reading!