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Craziest New Year’s Eve Yet! January 2, 2010

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Damn last night was fun!

When my three friends joined me at about 8:30 last night the first thing we did was buy booze. Typical cougars (plus a couple zags). After returning our Roses and Champagnes to the hotel we ventured our to eat at a cute Basserie (Cafe w/alcohol) called “Le Luca”. I ate une salade nicoise while the others had steak et frites. Since it was a holiday and the first day of legal drinking for the rest of my life I also ordered a yummy “Russian Sun” drink of vodka, various juices and grenadine. Sarah and Emily got one to share too!

After dinner we went to the Eiffel Tower for the New Year’s celebrations. At the metro station we got our first French stalker of the night. He spoke to me in French about my wine and I said I didnt speak French very well. Then he and his friend decided it would be fun to tease the Americans (at least I hope they weren’t serious) by speaking to me very quickly. I’m not sure what he was asking, but judging from his smile and hand gestures that was probably for the best. I said, “I don’t know what you are saying, but I’m not interested” and then boarded the metro. His friend and him followed us on and were trapped one person behind me. They continued to harass me until a stop where a couple got off and Sarah ushered me into a seat and stood in front of it. Then they harassed our travelling compnion David. He doesn’t speak a word of french, but that didn’t deter them. I leaned over and said he was my boyfriend and spoke no French. They asked if we would like to have a threesome and I said no, then they gestured to all of us as if to suggest a six-way deal? Gross. We stopped trying to verbally get rid of them then and just ignored them. When we got off the metro we were caught in a giant sea of people pushing us out of the station.

As we came out of the mob I looked up and I could see the top of it: the Eiffel Tower! I’ve dreamed of seeing it for so many years now, it is so beautiful! The models and paintings cannot capture the magnificence of it. It is so industrial, but oddly very romantic at the same time. At least I think so, Sarah disagrees.

The tower was lit up and changing colors. We celebrated New Years on the street in front of it and at midnight it sparkled as we popped champagne and drank absinthe. Absinthe is disgusting.

We hung out at the Eiffel for about half an hour after midnight. It was one constant migrating crowd leaving and we thought we would wait it out. Bad decision. Eventually we were sick of fighting the mob as the edges were pushing against us and joined it to get to the metro. The plan was to go clubbing in the Bastille district. The streets leaving the tower were one huge party and we toasted people, filled a man’s Champagne flute and were ecstatic about our first night in Paris! Then something terrible happened… this nasty, oldish French guy grabbed Sarah and I in a bear hug. I tried to get us away by pushing Sarah through his arms. I saved her, but he grabbed my face and planted a big fatty kiss right on my cheek. So Gross. I yelled “Nooooo!!!!!!!!” as I shoved him off of me. Blech! My cheek still feels violated. That’s how much I love you Sarah, -it was basically the equivalent of (unknowingly) throwing myself in front of a bullet for you.

Shortly after the incident, we came upon our metro station. The crowds were packed about 100 yards out of the entrance. David and I even had to hop a little fence to get into the station. The Goonting sisters didn’t want to climb over in skirts (apparently they have more dignity than I do) so I grabbed Sarah and lifted her over . Then we went for Emily, but a Frenchman on the other side pulled her the opposite direction and we had to push him off. On the other side of the fence we waited in line for about 15 minutes and weren’t even to the gate when the same Frenchman came back to harass Emily. We kept telling him to go away and it took about 10 minutes before he actually did. The mob had pushed us out away from the entrance and as we gave up on the station Emily realized her wallet was gone! I thought finding it would be hopeless, but Sarah found it in a grate around a tree by pure luck.

Walking to the next station we found it equally full, in fact they closed the gates on us and stopped letting people in. The same scenario happened at the next station and as we were walking a guy grabbed Sarah’s champagne bottle out of her hand and tried to take off with it. She screamed, “Hey! That’s mine!” chased him a few yards and took it back.

On the way to the next station we were exhausted and hungry so we went in to a brasserie. We waited for a waiter about 20 minutes and were told they were no longer serving food. So we left and finally got a metro home, it was about 2:30 am and clubbing was out of the picture by now. At our transfer stop a couple French guys asked us where we were from and chatted a bit. They told me Pau is beautiful =) As we left the train, one leaned out and yelled that he loved me haha. I think I’ve received plenty of unwanted love from France in my first 12 hours!

All in all, my night was adventurous and will definitely be a New year‘s Eve to remember.


lol, I love my dad December 16, 2009

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So I just got off the phone with my dad and I e-mailed him my Christmas list yesterday about stuff I wanted for abroad…. heres how the convo went…

Dad: So I got your Christmas present tonight?
Katie: Really? Is it something I can use abroad?
Dad:  Yes
Katie:  Awesome!!!
Dad: I think it’s a lot better than your sister’s present…
Katie: What did you get her?
Dad: Well I was at Bartells and I saw sardines were on sale, so I thought, ‘Boy she would just love those!’ So I bought a bunch of them and put them in a huge box that I’m gonna wrap up all fancy.
Katie: You always have the best gifts
Dad: I should actually do that! It would be funny to everyone but her!

That barely relates to me going abroad. I just found it funny and needed another excuse to write on my new blog…