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May 11, 2010

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#7 Incorporating your Studying Abroad Experience into your Career

Brainstorm and jot down all the skills and knowledge that you are gaining
from being abroad. Your list might include working effectively on a team
with people from other cultures, considering multiple viewpoints when
dealing with challenges, the ability the synthesize new ideas, or the
ability to communicate in a second language.
Then imagine that you are interviewing for your dream job, and the search
committee asks you this question: “How did studying abroad while at WSU
prepare you to be a better [insert your dream job here – doctor, lawyer,
teacher, scientist, journalist, engineer, etc.]? Describe how you would
answer that question. (Don’t forget to tell us what the dream job is that
you’ve chosen!)

My ultimate dream job would be to start my own Dude Ranch (kind of a western themed resort), in which case I would be my own boss….but a more applicable dream job is an event coordinator of a hotel. If I’m really honest with myself, I don’t think studying abroad helped me very much when it comes to a future career. It was a great adventure and the experience gained definitely added some new philosophies and great stories to my personal life, but the values I appreciate most in a co-worker aren’t traits gained by travelling. I obviously couldn’t say that to an employer though so I would probably spit something out about how it helped me learn to make tough decisions in very stressful situations (using my travelling mishaps as evidence), increased my sensitivity to other cultures, made me more confident and of course I now have the added bonus of a second language on resumes.

Okay, after writing that I’ll admit it may have helped a little…


Homeward Bound April 25, 2010

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Currently sitting in my hotel bed in Paris, France.My bags are packed, my clothes set out. Laptop and Ipod are charged for the airports and plane rides tomorrow. I will wake up at 3:45 AM, head off to the airport and be in Seattle by noon your time.


I felt like typing that out would help me wrap my mind around the fact that I will be home tomorrow. Home with my family, my own bed, fireplace, comfy couches and pets. Europe has been amazing, but being home after four months of travelling will be nice to say the least.


I am exhausted to my core. Mentally and physically drained, but in a good way. I soaked up as much of the culture as I could here in my last few days and although I don’t care too much for Pau (in case you couldn’t tell from my previous blogs), I am head-over-heels in love with Paris. I am already excited for my next trip and have planned out exactly what I want to see.


I can’t wait to write about what I have done here, but I’m too tired to type…and way to lazy to reread this, so please forgive any flaws in my grammar or spelling.  I will say that the highlights of the trip were seeing my friend Charles, going to a ballet at the Opera house and the Catacombs. This trip has been incredible and probably the most significant portion of my study abroad.


I am excited to write all about Paris, but right now I’m just going to put on some soft music, reflect a bit on the past months and fall asleep. It will be a loooong day tomorrow!


A bientot!