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Chateau des… June 26, 2010

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So big I couldn’t even take a picture of the entire place….


This is another blog of mainly photos. Not many words are needed to describe the awesomeness of Versailles…

DSC03307 DSC03326


This was our final USAC stop before Paris. I buddied up with Vanessa throughout most of the castle. We did a hurried self-guided tour (We only had 3 hours to explore everything!). The castle was amazing, overwhelmingly huge, but we anticipated the gardens being even more awesome and rushed through it…


DSC03319 DSC03320


They did not disappoint!


 DSC03348 DSC03345


We decided to rent bikes. Just walking to the rental kiosk took a ton of time!


We biked around the grounds for an hour and saw a farm Marie Antoinette had built, as well as her own house away from the castle.




I would love to go back to Versailles one day….if I ever do I’m renting a boat!



DSC03405 DSC03407


Just when we were leaving I got in touch with my buddy Charles from ECHS about having dinner in Paris that night. I love meeting old high school friends abroad! Discussing my stay in France with a French friend who spent 2 years in America was a great and surprisingly refreshing discussion…I’ll write about that soon…


One Response to “Chateau des…”

  1. Marina Says:

    Isn’t Versailles great?
    I was amazed my all of it, specially it’s size 😀

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