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Chateau d’Amboise June 25, 2010

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Fun Fact for those of you who went to Eastside Catholic: Doc has been here!


This Chateau was next on our USAC agenda. I had never heard of it and therefore had no idea what I would find when I walked  up to this tiny chapel that I would find inside….


The tomb of none other than…



Made my day!!!!


The rest of the castle wasn’t too extraordinary. Most of it had burned down in a huge fire.


The black part shown below is all that is left of the original chateau:



It did have some amazing views though!

 DSC03245 DSC03239



And a couple of interesting details on the inside….


Including a chest with secret compartments!


And this fireplace was right outside the King’s room. Everyone would gather by the warm fire to gossip, so this little guy pictured on the right was put in place as a warning. The walls literally have ears.

DSC03251 DSC03249


DSC03267 DSC03274

DSC03276 DSC03283




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