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Brussels and Bilbao April 18, 2010

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I realized I never wrote about Brussels. I stayed for one day and one night in Brussels on the way home from Ireland. We had to go through the airport, so I figured I might as well see the city and eat some of their famous chocolate and waffles. It is a very good thing we were only there for one day. There is nothing to do, but eat! At the end of the day…actually more like the end of the afternoon (ran out of cool sites to see) we returned to our hostel room with belly aches. This hostel was kind of strange, because they put us in a room set in a seperate building. It reminded me of girl scout cabins, because there was a loft with 2 wooden beds up top and 2 below. It was kind of fun, but the front was made entirely out of glass and there was no heat. I spent a very restless night trying to keep warm!

Let me back the story of Brussels up a bit, to what few sites we actually saw. Elly and I got this tourist map of “sites to see” from the hostel. It was obvious the tourist office is getting desperate for “sites to see” when they tell you to go to the top of a parking garage for a cool view. It also advised bringing a bottle of wine to drink.

“Drinking wine on the top of a parking garage,” Elly thought aloud, “….that would basically make us homeless…”


We saw a good portion of the sites on the map and did hit up the parking garage (saw a wine cork on the ground). The view was pretty awesome and I wish I had photos, but I left my camera in the hostel.

I have no evidence of visiting Brussels. My taste buds will never forget it though- the chocolate was sooo yummy, the Belgian waffle so light and crispy! Never had one quite like that.


Another interesting aspect to this city is the comics painted all over random walls. It is very strange, but kind of awesome. There are also lots of statues of creatures peeing. We saw one of a little boy peeing and a dog peeing. According to the tourist map there was one of a girl peeing too. We missed that one, which could have been the most interesting….and disturbing.


There is weird art in Brussels. A lot of weird art. The city is pretty tacky being full of sketchy industrial sections dotted with an occasional old, beautiful monument or building, as well as randomly placed modern art. We were already baffled by the city’s oddities when we wandered into a cathedral that was cluttered looking on the inside, with really out of place crap lying everywhere and cheesy 70’s music playing.


Brussels was strange. I’m glad I went. The capital of Europe is so bizarre it made the trip worth it.


I also ended my trip to Spain with an ugly city: Bilbao.


Bilbao isn’t far from San Sebastian….I think I mentioned it in my blog where I whined about my feet hurting. That was the last straw for my poor feet, I bought new shoes as soon as I got home.

The city was alright to see, but I was so worn out by the end of my trip I really should have just gone home to Pau.




I took a lot of pictures of the pretty parts of the city. It had an old section of town that was quite nice – a lot like San Sebastian. The most impressive part of all is the museum. The name of it is really long…and I cannot remember it, but I didn’t actually go in. It costs 13 euros and I was tired, sore and sick of spending money by the time I got there. I walked around the outside of it though – so interesting!






Love the cat made of flowers!


Anyways you are now up to date on my travels = ) I haven’t been able to leave since my trip to Spain because of the strikes and in 3 days I leave for Paris and then home!


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  1. Dad Says:


    Hey, Happy Birthday!

    Just read your blog, that spider is pretty famous, there is a little one by the same artist in Washington DC! I was in Brussels as a kid and remember it being pretty industrial back then.


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