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Ready to go home April 16, 2010

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USAC had a goodbye luncheon yesterday. Not everyone is going on the Paris trip, so this was the last chance for everyone to be together one final time.

Before the lunch there was an optional group viewing of the Picasso exhibit at le Musee des Beaux Arts.  The museum overall was pretty cool, but the Picasso exhibit was really small and the entire thing was sketches of bulls. Were they Picasso’s favorite animal? Or perhaps Pau’s museum wanted some Picassos and got the response, “Okay, we’ll give you some….but only the ones with bulls”. It was kind of strange, but interesting nonetheless and I liked many of the ceramics and sketches more than other Picassos I have seen. In fact to be honest, this was the first time I’ve ever seen a Picasso I liked. Guess it is a good thing I’m not an art major.

I do have the tendency to not take art very seriously though. Elly is the same. We always seem to have some good laughs at serious paintings and we were the first ones out of the USAC group to finish touring the museum. We thought lunch wasn’t until 12:30 so we went to a cafe to pass the time and showed up right as the clock struck.


Unfortunately, lunch had actually started at 12 and we were the jerks who walked in late. The advisors were nice about it, but we still felt really bad! Plus being the last 2 in the room, we had to sit at a table by ourselves. Reminded me of my first week at ECHS!

On the way home (she is coincidentally the only student who lives close), Elly told me that people keep asking her, “You probably aren’t ready to go home yet are you?” and she hates responding, because the answer is, “well actually, I really am”.

I couldn’t agree more. France has been fun, but towards the end, something seems to happen each day to make me miss the US more and more.

It all started with the trip to Ireland. Just being back in a country where they speak my language was so comforting. Then came Spain where I felt even more lost than I do in France. I had a horrible metro experience there that is kind of a long story, but basically some chick pushed me out of the way after I used my metro ticket, thus stealing my entrance and I got in trouble for trying to get through anyway. Of course there was no one around who spoke English and I ended up looking like a thief.

Did this lady just decide she would never pay for the metro again by pushing people out of her way or what?

Now back in France I can’t go anywhere because of the strikes and I’m just sick of the general public. I’ve mentioned before that people stare at me and it has begun to get on my nerves. Old women on the bus constantly glare at me (maybe it’s because I have no style? I don’t know) and I’m often followed around stores as if I’m going to steal something. Today I went to the grocery store and they even made me open my bag to check to make sure I hadn’t taken anything when I walked up to the counter to buy my salad. I am just so ready to be back in a country where I can feel comfortable in public and less like an unwanted tourist. I am excited for Paris, but home can’t come soon enough.


3 Responses to “Ready to go home”

  1. Dad Says:

    And we are ready for you to come home! Agree Katie that travelling like you did is really valuable in that It does make one appreciate home in a way you don’t normally experience.


  2. This is true! Thanks for the steady flow of comments while I kept this blog Dad! Miss and love you! Looking forward to our epic biking adventures this summer, and that hiking trip to cascade pass!

  3. Nathaniel Says:

    Katie Lane….I am also ready for you to come home.

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