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Summer!!! March 23, 2010

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I had my class this afternoon! All done!!


The way this program works is French classes go for three months and then the other classes (literature, culture, ect) change from occurring once a week to take up the remainder of the schedule.


That is with the exception of business French, which also ends now. Lucky me!


So…I am starting a 5 month summer break off with a trip to Ireland, followed by more travelling around France and Spain and then an awesome internship waiting for me back home.   Damn my life is good.


We celebrated the last day of French with a lunch where everyone brought a food from their culture.





My contribution was rather lazy, but at least I tried to keep things healthy!



Jessica brought homemade Reese’s, which were to-die-for!




It was an awesome last class! Now back to teaching myself French =( Going to start off by reading a book by Voltaire and continue writing my journal in French. Oh yeah, did I mention I filled up my entire journal? Finished it a couple weeks ago:


Bayonne 006



Had to brag, because all though I’ve filled up a few journals in my life I have never diligently kept one. And the last third or so is written almost entirely in French, horrible horrible French, but French nonetheless!

I insert English when I really can’t express myself or am impatient to get a point across, but I feel like keeping this journal definitely helped my writing.


Bayonne 007


Bought a new one to use for my last month or so. My blogs will probably be few and far between from here on out as I don’t know how often I will get internet. Also won’t be on Skype btw the 25th and 3rd of April because of travelling, but I’ll probably post another blog tomorrow or Thursday on Mont St Michel, which I visited last weekend!




~ Katie


4 Responses to “Summer!!!”

  1. Dad Says:

    Congratulations! Send a email with your itinerary for the next month.


  2. Grandmere Says:

    Bonjour, ma Cherie.
    Quel plaisir de te lire! Je n’arrivais pas a recevoir tes messages parce que je mettais worldpress au lieu de wordpress. Tu ecris tres bien et je suis tres fiere de toi. Il me tarde de te serrer dans mes bras. Amuse toi tant que possible – tu as une chance formidable de pouvoir faire tous ces voyages.
    Estce que tu sera de retour pour ton anniversaire?
    Grosses bises, Grandmere

    • Grandmere!
      Merci beaucoup! Tu me manques beaucoup et je suis tres contente que tu aime mon blog = ) Malheureusement, je ne reviendrai pas jusqu’a le 26 Avril. Je serai au Chateau des Versailles pour mon anniversaire, et puis Paris pour 5 jours. Je ne peut pas attendre practiquer mon francais avec toi! Je parle plus facilement et j’ai eu beaucoup de progres, mais j’ai en plus besoin (comme tu peux voir).


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