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Damn Strikes! March 11, 2010

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Had quite the morning here in France!!


I was leaving for the bus this morning when I realized my key wasn’t in my backpack. As my family and past roomies know, I am the master of losing everything. I searched all over my desk and through my bag for it – I was actually going to leave on time for the bus and this had to happen!!!


Patricia came downstairs and I worked up the courage to ask her if she had seen them. She helped me look, but to no avail. I scoured through all my clothes, desk drawers, inside my shoes, in the kitchen cabinets, in my bookcase, twice more through my backpack and under my blanket. Nothing.


I tend to absentmindedly set keys everywhere. For example, have any of you seen the commercial with the old woman who puts her keys in the cheese drawer? Her husband finds them and knows it is clearly a sign of Alzheimer’s.

I was 19 when I once found my keys in the cheese drawer, zip locked in a bag of shredded cheese. What will I be like if I live to be 80?!


After checking the shoes and bookcase, I told my host mom I was really sorry, but I couldn’t find them. I added on that I knew they were in the house as I used them to get inside last night and hadn’t left since. She told me not to worry, that she would be home for the day. She was very nice about it – I was so relieved!


By this point I had of course missed my bus and couldn’t remember if the next one came at 10:50 or 11:12, but I decided to be safe and leave the house at 10:40. I arrived at the stop to find the bus did not until 11:13. I also realized I forgot my IPod, which is my only way of telling time now that my phone is dead. I was not too happy with my memory at this point.


Not wanting to return home and tell Patricia I had left my IPod I started walking the bus route. The next stop had a bench and a clock, so I got out my journal and started writing. Soon it was 11:13. “The bus will be here any minute now!!” I thought. I was hoping it would not be late today, because a very sketchy hobo had just walked by me and stopped not to long afterwards to fix his shoe and then to stare. He was about 20 yards down the road just staring into the distance like a zombie. “Please don’t come back and talk to me” I thought, “please let the bus get here soon!”

After a couple minutes the hobo turned around and started limping in my direction. Damn. I pictured the bus arriving just as he was about to talk to me, but sadly my life is not like the movies and I was not saved. Instead, I had some crack addict start asking me for cigarettes. I told him I didn’t understand. I really didn’t – his words were so slurred I don’t think I would have if I spoke French. Among the slurring mumbles, “cigarette” was all I could make out. Luckily he didn’t pester me too much and limped away. That man wreaked though and his stench didn’t follow him for a couple minutes. There are always creepers at the bus stop.


Arriving to school an hour late I discovered there is a strike going on with the bus drivers. Why is there always a strike?! Fortunately, the rest of the day went smoothly! I booked my trains and hostels for Ireland and went to Kawitas for dinner! When I came home my host mom had made me a new key and wouldn’t even let me pay her back. Nicest host mom ever. I did end up finding it though, tucked between the mattress and headboard of the bed. I think I even know how they got there. Yesterday some kids played ding-dong-ditch on my house. After hearing giggles the first time I opened the door I re-locked it and went to my bedroom window. The zombie shutters were closed, but not locked so I hit behind them until I heard the bell ring again. I then opened the shutters and said, “Allo!” as a kid ran by me. I must have tossed the keys onto my bed on my way to the window. Thank god I found them!!


3 Responses to “Damn Strikes!”

  1. Lisa Lane Says:


    Just felt compelled to leave another comment praising you on your entertaining blog. I love reading your fresh views on life in France. When you get back home you might be annoyed by all those upfront, overly-cheerful, in-your-face employees who won’t leave you alone while trying to shop (just being a devil’s advocate…). I am proud to be your Aunt. Keep enjoying the adventure. Love, Aunt Lisa

  2. Lisa Lane Says:

    Oops, I should have posted my comment above under ‘WSU Blog Squad.’ Lisa…..

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