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The Bad beginning February 26, 2010

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My trip to Rome started as all my days start; rushing to catch my bus on time. I packed as many outfits as I could, but my host mom hadn’t done laundry in a month, (yes a month! I had to wash clothes in my bathroom sink 2 times, so thanks for those packets of laundry detergent mom!). To my dismay, I only found one pair of socks to wear and 2 loners to take with me on the trip. After a disappointing search through the family’s clean sock pile I had no time to spare and ran outside. It was pouring rain, so I rushed back in to grab my umbrella and started speed walking to the bus stop.

I was crossing a hill just around the corner from my stop when the series of disasters that will forever mark my trip to Rome began.
Water was rushing down the sides of the street in a stream about a foot deep. As I was about to step up onto the sidewalk I was thinking how awesome Rome would be when all of a sudden I felt my left foot slip. I fell into the stream of dirty water running down the hill up to my knees and my purse came along for the ride. My bright blue umbrella flew as chin and hands hit the sidewalk. Purse, boots (including socks) and leggings got soaked and I arrived at the bus stop laughing at how ridiculous I looked, waving to Elly with muddy (and slightly bloody) hands. Did I mention my leggings were torn at the knee as well? Classy. The leggings were a staple for about half my outfits in Rome and I had been awaiting a care package from my mom with backup leggings, but it was late and thus this was all I had…

I feel like I always end up looking homeless when I travel, even when I try to dress nicely.



That fall was just an omen of things to come. Rome was wonderful overall, but full of ups and downs along the way.


From there, the rest of the day went smoothly. We had to catch a total of 3 buses, 2 trains, one plane and 2 metros, but everything went efficiently. Elly remarked several times that it was all going too well, sooner or later something was bound to go wrong…..if only she knew….


Got into Rome around 11:30 that night and found the hostel very easily. Because of costs we opted for a 6 person mixed gender room, which ended up being about 80 Euros for 5 nights. Our roommates changed every night and boy they made our stay interesting. The first night we had a Canadian guy and an Australian boy in the room with us. When we arrived they were finishing a bottle of wine with an American girl from Connecticut. We started to unpack and get ready for bed while exchanging some interesting looks as we overheard their conversations:


American Girl (US): I think I’m done drinking….

Canadian guy (C): Ah, c’mon, finish your wine.

* US chugs the glass*

Australian (A): That is the most American thing I have ever seen!!!

C: Yeah, seriously! Why would you do that? If someone told me to finish mine I would take my time.


The conversation continues to embrace the topic of how and why Americans can’t drink. The Canadian reveals himself to be very anti-American in the next half hour and the Australian (who looks like he weighs about 130 pounds) makes a comment about his record of drinking 14 pints of Guiness in one night. He continually fights to one up the Canadian who boasts about being undefeatable in drinking contests. The American girl just agrees with everything they say.




US: Well I think I’m going to go to my room. *softer mumbling* I write when I drink….

C: What?

US: Nothing it’s not important.

C: You write when you drink?

US: Yeah, I like to write after a glass of wine
A: Me too! I’m keeping a journal actually, but it isn’t a typical journal. For example, today all I wrote was this: “I sat on a bench next to a pretty girl”

US: That’s exactly the kind of thing I write!

A: Yeah and then I went on to describe an imaginary conversation I had with the girl….


Topic moves onto the subject of literature….


A: It is one of my favorite books, but the author is very misogynistic

C: All authors are misogynistic

US: Yes, that is very true

A: *turns to US* Actually, can I tell you something? To be honest, I really hate women.

US: I am totally cool with that…


At this point part of me is tempted to turn around and say something to the girl, but I’m too tired to deal with retards and am already preoccupied with keeping myself from laughing. I should also mention that this girl is very pretentious and spoke as if she was well read. You could just hear how intelligent she thought she was in her tone of voice.


I fell asleep to their conversations and awoke well rested the next day and ready to discover Rome!!!


Write more later…..sorry for the long blogs!


2 Responses to “The Bad beginning”

  1. Blake Says:

    Haha, another fun entry. Except for that last bit. The apology about the long blogs? Keep ’em coming, it’s great to hear about your adventures and interactions with people! Can’t wait to see you in person!


    • Merci Blake! Ta lettre, a été la première pièce de courrier que j’ai obtenu en France. C’était une bonne surprise et j’attends la prochaine =) J’ai déja repondu en francais, sans l’internet ou mes livres, donc pardon grammaire mauvaise!

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