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Nutella Day February 5, 2010

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A few bloggers with a shared passion for Italian food decided to name February 5th “World Nutella Day”. In order to participate, other bloggers are supposed to do something with nutella today and post a blog about it.


The genius creators of Nutella day can be found on the following links:


Ms. Adventures in Italy (she mentions the Lindt truffles made near here in her blog on nutella day =)

At Home in Rome

Bleeding Espresso


nutella day


Nutella is the peanut butter of France (and I’m guessing the rest of Europe), but I’ve actually been eating it long before I came here. My first recollection is my mom making me PB and nutella sandwiches in my early elementary school years. I was ecstatic to eat a “chocolate sandwich” for lunch every time! The sandwiches didn’t last long though and years later I asked her about it, but not really knowing what nutella was I described them as the “chocolate PB sandwiches”. She told me she never put chocolate in my sandwiches and I was crazy for thinking that I ate that as a kid. I think this was around 6th grade and I actually remember how disheartened I was to learn those chocolate sandwiches may have been a dream and if it wasn’t I would probably never know the true identity of the mystery spread.


Yes, chocolate is this important to me.


But alas, somewhere in high school I reconnected with nutella and it has been love ever since! Paige and I often buy a jar in the summertime, but it is dangerous how much we eat! After 3 days, the jar is half-way empty and all the spoons are in the dishwasher because of our, “just one spoonful…” habits. And at Januik winery, the chefs make their own nutella! Last summer I worked an event with chocolate lava cakes and nutella ice cream for the dessert…..so delicious…….


Today, in order to celebrate the blogger-proclaimed holiday, I had 2 nutella creations!

The first was nutella hot chocolate that I made with my breakfast:




(It was very simple to make. I simply put 1 T of nutella in a saucepan on low heat with about 1/2 -3/4 C milk and whisked it until blended. Of course, it didn’t make very much, but I knew I was going to have more nutella later and didn’t want to overdue it at breakfast. I remembered we had whipped cream in the fridge at the last second and added a bit to the top…..mmmmm…nutella est la norriture de mon dieu!)


Then with lunch I had this:




The bread stick things weren’t very good and took away from the holiness of the nutella. I don’t think I’ll buy that again, but I’ve been wanting to try it for a couple weeks and today gave me a great reason to do so!


If any of you have yet to experience the godliness of this choco-hazelnut spread, next time you go to the store you must buy it! They have it at many grocery stores in the US now and it is AMAZING.


Happy Nutella Day!


4 Responses to “Nutella Day”

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  2. Matthew Says:

    Nutella Day!
    That’s awesome I LOVE Nutella. Looks like you’re having a ton of fun in France. The hot chocholate sounds yummy I want some lol!

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