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Japanese Afternoon January 31, 2010

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I took the bus downtown this afternoon to find the cinema with good student discounts and many foreign films. Unfortunately my map proved itself very inaccurate and finding it in the maze of downtown streets was quite a challenge. Nonetheless I arrived 45 minutes before the movie started (the buses only run on Sundays once every hour or two). The theater was deserted and I suddenly realized how hungry I was so I went back to a tea joint I had found when lost. “Le Salon de The” was very cool! It had a Chinese room and a Japanese room with huge tins of tea lining the wall (oh how I miss Teavana). I didn’t know what to get, but the owner helped me choose a floral, black tea that was really good. Miso soup paired well and made for an excellent lunch.



Pau 010


Afterwards, I arrived at the Theater just in time to purchase the 2nd to last ticket. The movie, by coincidence, was also Japanese. Unlike most theaters, this one uses subtitles instead of dubbing, which of course is much easier to understand. In fact, I understood almost everything that was said! The dialogue was pretty simple and the acting was fantastic! It was a movie about a young girl whose Dad drops her off at an orphanage completely out of the blue. The title was, “Une Vie Toute Neuve” ….the best translation would probably be  “A Brand New Life” in English.


By pure luck the film finished 10 minutes before my bus was due. Any later and I would have had to wait an hour and a half for it! I took the bus home and walked through a new park I found near my house. Just got back and found out my host mom is making quail for dinner and fois gras (or quail fois gras…not sure which). I’m very opposed to eating fois gras,plus I tried it on accident once and it tastes awful. I don’t want to be rude though…hate these damn ethical dilemmas…hopefully I can get away with just eating a teeny bit!


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