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Sushi January 30, 2010

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I had a blast with my classmates last night, making sushi is so much fun. If anyone ever wants me to make it for them just let me know!
Aside from sushi, there was a huge variety of other food at the party to try and it was all so different! I watched one girl make a Japanese omelette, which has eggs, lots of sugar, soy sauce and salt in it. Not very healthy, but tastes amazing! Also tried this cake an English girl baked…I think it was a Victorian Sponge Cake…that was bomb and she is going to send me the recipe on FB.
We decided that every week one of us should make a meal from our culture. To start it off this Monday Kawita is going to make Thai food, which is my favorite!!!!! After that Ravid will make hummus and then Rebecca will make a Swedish dish. When it is my turn what will I do? They told me to make hamburgers, but I’ve never actually made hamburgers, and they suggested southern food, which I have only eaten once and also never prepared. Maybe I should make an American take on another cultures food, like Tex-Mex or American Chinese food. Any of you have ideas? It has to be relatively easy, because I don’t have measuring cups and plan on cooking by eye.

After last night I am so envious of Hirokah! Her house is gigantic and she lives there with 4 other exchange students who speak French. She lives downtown and near all the nightlife, plus she pays about 100 US dollars less than I do for rent. I wish I had been savvy enough before I came here to figure out a way to study without a program. The tuition is only 500 Euros a trimester for the other exchange students. Even though it was the cheapest program in France, USAC has ripped me off big time!


Nothing is exciting here in Pau, I was going to go on a plane ride over the Pyrenees today and then go to Lourdes to stay with my friend Ravid, but both were postponed until next weekend, so I’m not sure what I will do now.


GRANDMA MARILEE – If you are reading this could you send me your email address? my email is kmlane20@yahoo.com and I was wondering if you have a good recipe for macaroni and cheese, because my host family wants me to make them some. Love you!


* P.S. Sorry for the last blog’s cheesiness. They asked me to talk about my emotions and feelings. I don’t write well enough to do that without being syrupy. Also, I apologize for the grammar. Got home last night and finally proofread it…oops. After a pint of Kilkenny and half a pint of peach, I’m going to assume that even then I overlooked a lot and will try to go back over it if I have time today.


One Response to “Sushi”

  1. Dad Says:


    Must have missed it as a parent if you don’t know how to make a hamburger. But I’m glad to see you are getting some new foods to make us you get back!

    Take Care,


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