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Faire Une Promenade January 26, 2010

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Sunday and Monday were spent locked in my dark room, zombie shutters closed and heat blasted; alternating my time between a few hours of French homework and a few hours of sleep. I did depart briefly on Monday to go to the mall and get lunch, since it is only a 10 minute walk and I had been living off of fruit and bread since Saturday.

Then at about 5pm I finally grew restless, decided a bad cold did not justify staying in bed all day and went for a walk. I explored more of the trails by my house and followed one along the river till it ended. At the end there was a fallen tree lying across the water and it wasn’t difficult at all to walk across a branch to the main trunk. Fortunately, I’d brought my book with me just in case I found a good spot to read = )

I sat on the tree with one leg hanging off above the water, book in hand, looking over a view of a dirt road with an old French farm on the other side. I had a forest behind me and a green field peeking out around the bend in the road. Picture Perfect. Plus, the book I’m reading is one I cannot put down and is a fantasy/romantic comedy set in the forest of a strange land (hope you don’t mind I brought “Stardust” with me to France Hanna!). The only downer to the situation was my constant sniffling and coughing.

After a chapter or two I realized it would get dark soon and I wanted to explore a bit more before going home. I found a trail across the river with some paths through the words. None of them went anywhere, but I did find a bench on one side of the river that I laid on and read for another 20 minutes or so before it grew cold and the sun was nearly set.

The next time it is a nice day I plan on going downtown to take pictures of the Pyrenees or wandering back along the trails to take some pictures of the woods and small river/large creek…whatever it is.Now I have to get back to French, I have a stressful night of lots of homework ahead of me and have to give a 10 minute speech in class tomorrow…eek!


2 Responses to “Faire Une Promenade”

  1. Hanna Says:

    I’m so glad you’re reading Stardust, I LOVE that book! I was going to ask if you brought it, but thought maybe you were trying to pack light. I hope you love it to ❤

    • I tried to pack really light, but brought 4 books with me. It’s a light book so it was easy to pack! I love it, can’t put it down. It reads too fast though =( I’ll be done with it so soon!

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