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Lindt Chocolate January 22, 2010

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On Monday of this week Kim wanted to take me to the Lindt chocolate factory in Pau. (Paige -Lindt truffles are the ones we get in our Christmas stockings each year). My friend Annelise already went and said it was a 20-30 minute drive; thus I was very confused when Kimberly told me her host mom said she could walk there in 25 min. I kept mum about it though as I figured her host mom was a reliable source and figured even if it wasn’t the Lindt chocolate factory we would probably still find chocolate.

We found the street it was supposedly on, which is about halfway between the university and my house. It is a residential neighborhood and the # 6 we were looking for seemed to be missing. The numbers went in the order of 4, 5, 7…

I decided to ask for directions and saw an older woman walking down the street. She breathlessly spoke to me for about 5 minutes explaining that she didn’t know where it was. She kept grabbing my arm which was rather alarming and asking questions about the chocolates. Then she would try to remember and once again explains she had no idea where it was. She was nice, but she wouldn’t go away! When we bid her adieu, she called us back twice more to say she didn’t know where it was and then asked us many questions about the cities US we were from. As we were walking down the street and talking to her #6 came into view….

I don’t know if this place was ever a chocolate factory. Presently, it looks like the busted meth lab in Newcastle near my Dad’s house. It was a very disappointing moment.

After we finally escaped our walking companion, we found a bakery and went in to ask directions. The woman at the counter said it is about 30 km from Pau. Instead I settled for this Chocolate thing under the counter which was absolutely amazing, It had 3 different layers of chocolate (one white, one black, one milk) and the mousse itself was dipped in chocolate…mmm so yummy

I think Kim and I’m hoping to buy some half-price christmas chocolate to send home. If it is too expensive to mail I will probably have to buy some in April and carry it home with me, either way Paige I promise you will get some lindt chocolate from France!


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