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Birthday Wishes!! January 18, 2010

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I have a ridiculous amount of family and friends born at the end of January, so I thought I would write you all a happy birthday blog!!

Happy Birthday to….

(Last Week’s B-days….)
Mom – Hope you had a relaxing weekend getaway with Andy!
Anne – Get well soon, you’re in my prayers!
Aleesa – I hope you are hung over today and had an epic night!

MP – I don’t think you read this, but Happy Birthday if you do, we need to go dancing ASAP when I get home

(This Week…)
Nathaniel – 21!!!!! Wish I could be there for the craziness thats bound to ensue after midnight= (
Calgary Brother Matt – Update your blog bro, I wanna hear how the training is going!

And I know there is a birthday tomorrow I’ve forgotten about…hopefully they don’t read my blog. If you do, sorry and Happy Birthday!

Not much new on this side of the ocean. I just need to have an awkward conversation tonight with my host mom. She keeps cat sitting even though she knows I am allergic. Finding a way to be politely explain allergies persist even after the cat leaves is difficult with my limited vocab…

And she took away all my toilet paper and ate a bunch of my chocolates.

I’m not actually going to bring up the chocolates…..I’m just bitter about my missing Kinder Buenos…


4 Responses to “Birthday Wishes!!”

  1. Linda Lane McFarlane Says:

    Hi honey, is there anything I need to send you?? Andy and I had a great time in California even though it started to rain harder and harder each day we were there. Finally on Monday it actually started to hail, right when our rental car got a flat tire! We filled up the tire and headed to the airport and everything worked out a-okay. What time of day do you find yourself skyping? I am thinking maybe I should set it up at work instead of home because the timing might work out better. Sounds like you are blending in nicely. I knew you would.

    • Mom,
      In retrospect, I should have packed another suitcase. I have heard sending me a bag would be ridiculous though, so I’ve taken the liberty to buy most of what was needed. All I have left to get are ski-pants, gloves and a bike lock. Thanks though!

      Sorry to hear about your trip; bummer!! Was there a spa there?

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    Thank you for the early birthday wish! 🙂

    She took away your toilet paper???

    • Haha yeah she did. She had a dinner party Friday night and I think that since my bathroom is the one guests use she didn’t want a bunch of extra paper there. But Saturday and Sunday went by and it never returned. So Finally I asked her, “Do I need to buy my own toilet paper?” and she was like, “Oh no no” and gave me extra =)

      You probably didn’t need all that info haha, but thats how it went down

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