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Ma vie En France

January 9, 2010

Filed under: Spain — katiespaulife @ 7:47 pm

So I just typed up a blog all about San Sebastian and then pressed some button in Spanish and deleted it all!

Don�t want to retype everything, so heres the main points-

-I�m in Spain! Woot!

-I�ll never plan a trip for 5 strangers again, it was so stressful!!!

-Had to deal with this southern gentleman all day, who is outwardly nice, but sexist, which really gets on my nerves….kind of like a smug Mike Johnson for those of you that know him

-San Sebastian is cold and snowy and windy = (

-Ate Tapas for the first time, yum!!


6 Responses to “”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Smug Mike Johnson?! hahaha idk what to think of that.

    • He often wanders off whimsically, talks about his philisophical views on life and the simple things that are so much greater than ppl realize. Very profound and condescending at the same time. Like, “I understand the world so much better than all of you”…

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    Plan a trip for five strangers?

    • Yeah. My first day at USAC I was thinking about visiting San Seabastian my first or second weekend here. I happened to overhear some kids talking about going that weekend so I kind of invited myself with a “if you need a travelling companion….” They were like, “yeah anyone can come, were gonna book it tonight.” I inquired more the next day and a girl told me she’d already made the reservation, but if I wanted to come I could book myself a room in their hostel. I thought, “How considerate of you, yeah I have no problems as a young girl staying in a random hostel room with ppl from everywhere but USAC” So I decided to find a travelling companion and found like 8 ppl that also wanted to go. 3 ended up changing their minds on the last day, but until that point I had to plan the trip for all of us. I spent hours navigating foreign websites trying to figure out how to get there (ended up having to take the local bus, 2 trains and a tram!) so it was stressful. I also had to send numerous emails on prices, location, train times, ect…. and then this guy I mention kept questioning my judgement on the train times it really irked me. wow, sorry for venting.

  3. bomar32 Says:

    Papa says Hi!

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