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Classes commence tomorrow!! January 7, 2010

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I cannot wait to start my French tomorrow!!

I took the placement test Tuesday and got the results back today. I did surprisingly well and enrollled in a level of French that I think equates to 3rd year, second semester back home. I also think I scored high enough to take a French business class and also the new tourism class!! How perfect would that be?!

My buddy Kim is in the same level as I am, so we have all the same classes!! She went downtown with me yesterday and we toured the château and checked out les soldes. At les soldes (A giant, semi-annual sale) I bought myself a pair of boots; an essential here in France! I’m also going to try buy a coat in the next two weeks as the sales get better.

[Just met my host sister as I was writing this. I was beginning to wonder if she existed. She seems nice, looks just like her mom]

Other than that I really don’t have much to write about. Yesterday I planned to go to a karaoke bar with a USAC girl and her host sister. They called me up and said they would be here in 10 minutes so I should go stand outside. After 12 minutes I rushed out and there was no one there. So I waited 20 minutes in a dress, while it was freezing out. I spend the last 10 minutes crouched on the ground in the fetal position, trying to keep warm. I kept trying to call, but it said the number was not good. Finally I came inside and waited an hour…nothing. So I went to bed very disappointed. However, today was better and I am even more optimistic about tomorrow!

Hope you are all well! Wrote some of you postcards today!


8 Responses to “Classes commence tomorrow!!”

  1. Annie K Says:

    Hi Katie,
    I sure hope I’m doing this right. Actually I’m at work on my new computer which has more “serious issues” than I do. Katie, I miss you lots and am keeping you in thought and much prayer. Hope classes go well tomorrow, and that you’re happy and continue to have lots of fun (studying hard too of course). Also, I just love your blog. Is it OK if the office reads it too – my enthusiasm about it seems to be contatious (splg?) Love you lots,
    Annie K

    • Of course! Thanks Annie!! LOL I love what you said about your computer. I want to skype you and dad, lets arrange a time! Hope work is well – shoot me an email or tell me all about it on skype!

  2. Linda Lane McFarlane Says:

    Excellent job on your tests. Funny that you didn’t think you did so well and then you did end up doing well. We love you and miss you. Mom and Paige

  3. Adrian Lane Says:

    Just wanted to check in, and to say I think you rock and I’m mega proud of you for going all the way to France and doing this! Looks like you’re having a great time and doing well. Win/Win Keep it up!
    Keep posting; I will keep in touch – as well as Hanna.
    Here is our Skype if you wish mine- adrian.lan3 / hanna – hanna_ookla


  4. Nathaniel Says:

    Congrats on your test!!! That really sucks about the karaoke…. the girls probably got lost with a dead phone or something.

    Kendrick and I say hi!

    Last night, Michelle and I were taking goofy pics of ourselves on Kendrick’s Mac computer. We took some pics with the fake background that had the Eiffel Tower behind us. I was hoping we could send you one in an email with a caption “Hey, we just passed through France! Sorry we missed you!” . Except we couldn’t take one without the dumb holes in the background…. if you’ve played around with a Mac you know what I’m talking about.

    Anyways…. yeah I’m still thinking about you, not in a creepy way though! Im jealous you get to see the world!! XOXO


    • “I’m still thinking about you, not in a creepy way though!” – Nathaniel, I love you, you are so hillarious!!!

      Tell your boy I say Hi back and miss you both!

      Apparently the girl went to the wrong house and waited outside, honked the horn, ect.. We hung out all last weekend and are great friends now!

      I don’t know Macs, but that is so sweet! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know y’all are thinking about me haha…

      And one day when we are no longer poor college kids we should backpack Europe if you’re game!!

      Love ya dude,

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