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Paris December 31, 2009

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Je suis arrivée!

Got into the Paris airport at 11 AM local time this morning (2 AM pacific time). I had a layover in Amsterdam at 7:30 and was thoroughly disappointed by the amount of viewable English. I was told by my step-father the airport was easy to navigate through. That was a understatement. Not only was the airport  well designed, but all the signs were in English! Most only English! I was not expecting that. Not that I want to get lost, but at least give me the “challenge” of reading English under another language on a sign.

Paris to my relief had more French than English =)

I found my luggage and train very easily, but had a rather wierd moment when I went to buy a bottle of water. The man took my money, gave me change and my receipt. Then he walked away. I was very confused, but after 2 minutes of me standing there he realized his mistake, apologized en francais and gave me my l’eau.

When I got on the train I experienced a even more awkward encounter. As the train started, a man walked up and down the aisle laying tiny flyers on the blank seats next to passengers. I read mine and it said he was a refugee with four brothers who needed money. One side was English, the other French. It also had a little heart printed on it and a short blessing. I wondered for a minute how he could afford to print so many flyers and then decided I should save it to paste in my personal journal. I didn’t really have any reason except that it could illustrate the train ride from the airport. I put it in my bag and then realized the man was coming around individually asking ppl for money. He got to me and I declined to give him money as politely as I could. Then he looked around and asked for his flyer back. I’d stolen from a homeless man! Embarrassingly I opened my purse and pulled the little paper out. Luckily only a couple people noticed and observed the entire conversation. The man was very nice about the whole thing, he laughed and muttered something in French which I of course did not understand and walked away.  I thought, “Damn, I’m not even in the city yet and I’m already embarrassing myself as a tourist”.

Departing from the train was a bit challenging. First I missed my stop because this family was playing the accordion and singing so loudly I couldn’t hear the announcements. I got off at the next one and was a little confused finding my hotel. The train station was on the wrong side of the street on my map and my mom had kindly put a permanent ink dot where my hotel is located, but it was just one block off. Fortunately I walked in the right direction and found it straightaway.

Inside the hotel I spoke in French to the desk clerk and he in turn responded en francais =) He carefully explained to me when breakfast is served (and some other things I may have missed), gave me my key and directions to my room. I went up to the third floor, which was pretty shady, literally. There were no lights on but the exit signs. I managed to find my room at the end of the hall and passed out for four hours. When I awoke the skies were beginning to darken. I went out to explore for an hour or so: wandering le Jardin du Luxembourg and the street of St Michel. There are cute cafes, bookstores, and street vendors selling crepes everywhere!!

I noticed it was quite dark and there weren’t too many people on the street so I went back to the hotel to wait for Sarah, her sister and their friend. Their plane got in about 40 min ago so hopefully I will see them in the next hour!!


7 Responses to “Paris”

  1. Schyler Says:

    So glad you got their safely and sounds like everything is working out! Already have some great (and maybe awkward) stories.. haha. Already sounds like something from a movie, Katie. Know you will have the best time and already miss you mucho. Can’t wait to hear more!!! Have a great New Years Eve night in Paris!! Much love 🙂

  2. Linda Lane McFarlane Says:

    Hi honey – I hope everything is going well for you! Hopefully new year’s eve was fun – it looks like you had a great time. We went up to the cabin and just hung around. I caught a cold New Year’s eve and we just got home. Couldn’t wait to read your blog. We love you – happy new year! Your mom who loves you………..

  3. Jessie Says:

    Katie! I love that you had an awkward moment just hours into you being in Paris, lol it wouldn’t be a Katie trip without one. This trip sounds amazing so far, and I hope you are having a great time! Send me a post card sometime and if your host family allows it, I would be glad to send you one in return 🙂 Love you and miss you already!

    • Haha I know, I wasn’t even in the city yet!! I’d love to send you a post card, just send me your address on FB! I am about to leave Paris and didn’t get any here, but when I buy some I’ll send em out ASAP!

  4. Nathaniel Says:

    I love you Katie Lane.

    What’s pau mean?

  5. Pau is kind of a play on words, because I’m pretty much poor here with the euro to dollar exchange rate, so I’m poor or “pau”. And Pau is the town I just arrived in that I will be living in for the next 4 months

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