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Hostels December 28, 2009

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“You’ve been going through all the steps to go abroad and, now, suddenly, it’s time to go! As you prepare to depart are you excited? Stressed out? Or maybe a little of both?

I leave in 3 days!!!

Plane takes off from Sea-Tac at 12:45 PM and arrive in Amsterdam at 7:45 am, then I leave at 9:30 and Arrive in Paris at 10:45 am!!!

My Hostels are Des Mines the first night, Vintage the second and overnight train to Pau my third night. Des Mines is very close to the famous Jardins des Luxembourg and the Notre Dame as well as St Michel!!!!  Vintage is on the opposite end of Paris, so I will cover a lot of ground my 3 days there!

At this point I’m mainly excited to leave so I don’t have to calm my mother down any longer! She has been nagging me about safety, getting lost, getting “taken”, my phone and my luggage since the day I got home. I would be freaking out if I were in her shoes, but I cannot take much more of it…. Plus today she google earthed my home and it is very very far from the University. Supposedly we can rent bikes while there to get to school, but this looks like a 20 mile bike ride…. I just keep telling mom it will be good for my character and physically prepare me for the STP ride this summer, but beyond that I cannot console her much. A daily 20 mile bike ride will suck!


2 Responses to “Hostels”

  1. Linda Lane McFarlane Says:

    Dominique said that it is not as far as 20 miles. You would be very worried too if your daughter was going alone to Paris with no one to meet her when she gets there and relying on her common sense to get to the hostel via train. It is frightening for a parent and I was up all night worrying. I am ready for you to go and get to Pau so that I don’t have to worry as much about you getting there. I know you will have a great time and I hope you do!

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