Katie' Pau Life En France

Ma vie En France

Postcards December 18, 2009

Filed under: Preparing to go abroad — katiespaulife @ 1:00 am

I got my host family name. It doesn’t say how many family members there are. I’m assuming no Monsieur, so peut-etre pas des enfants? I really hope there are kids, I’d like some company my age.

This morning I met with my phil prof, who gave me some French philosophers to read over break. He recommended Beau de Laire (sp?),  Albert Camout and Sartre. I’ve read a bit by the last two; if you want to read a novel about a really horrid person read “L’etranger” or “The Stranger” by Camout. The main character is indifferent towards everything. It was probably even more depressing than “The Bell Jar”. I’m really not well read in philosophy, but as far as French authors go Voltaire is my favorite. He is witty and very sarcastic. My prof also gave me his address so I could send him postcards. There are a few ppl I already plan on sending postcards to, but if you would like a card from me while I’m in France send me your address and I’ll add you to my list.


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