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lol, I love my dad December 16, 2009

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So I just got off the phone with my dad and I e-mailed him my Christmas list yesterday about stuff I wanted for abroad…. heres how the convo went…

Dad: So I got your Christmas present tonight?
Katie: Really? Is it something I can use abroad?
Dad:  Yes
Katie:  Awesome!!!
Dad: I think it’s a lot better than your sister’s present…
Katie: What did you get her?
Dad: Well I was at Bartells and I saw sardines were on sale, so I thought, ‘Boy she would just love those!’ So I bought a bunch of them and put them in a huge box that I’m gonna wrap up all fancy.
Katie: You always have the best gifts
Dad: I should actually do that! It would be funny to everyone but her!

That barely relates to me going abroad. I just found it funny and needed another excuse to write on my new blog…


One Response to “lol, I love my dad”

  1. Paige LAne Says:

    Best christmas present ever… so nice of him.

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