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15 days till Paris! December 16, 2009

Filed under: Preparing to go abroad — katiespaulife @ 3:08 am

Hey Everyone!

I just made this blog for people to follow while I am abroad in France. I plan on blogging every other day…we’ll see if that happens…

I am currently at school in Pullman, WA completing my finals. With 15 days left before I leave, the anticipation is steadily building. I’m torn between being extremely excited and frightened, but I suppose I’ll just suppress all my negative feelings until the night before I leave and have a big breakdown ; )

I depart on the 30th and arrive on the 31rst I in Paris to spend New Year’s Eve with my best friend Sarah! She is in Switzerland and I miss her desperately – cannot wait to count down in Europe!

I’ll probably write a few more lame blogs before I leave, but I promise they will be more interesting once I get there…..


2 Responses to “15 days till Paris!”

  1. Tayln Says:

    I hope you realize that I am totally going to follow this and I totally want you to keep me up dated… I can’t wait to hear your stories… Even if you think they are lame I won’t I pinky swear.

    Good luck girlie… Have so much fun, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)

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